Novestom enterprise culture

Novestom idea:

Not only venture business.

Novestom spirit:

Dedicated innovation, the pursuit of excellence.

Novestom style:

React quickly.

Novestom management model:

That day after day high.

Novestomtalent concept:

Everybody is just, not race horses.

Novestom market concept:

The only constant rule of the market is always changing; only the idea of off-season, there is no off-season market; selling credibility is not selling products; negative self, to create the market.

Novestom famous brand strategy:

Do not do it, to do it for the first; no name brand.

Novestom quality concept:

High standards, fine, zero defects; excellent products are outstanding people come out.

Novestom after-sales service concept:

The user is always right.

Novestom operating philosophy:

The East is bright and the west is bright.

Novestom development direction:

Create the world famous brand in china.

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